Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jax Beach Console Doctors

It's time for a Jacksonville, FL retail highlight.

JaxConsoleDoctors has been in Jacksonville, Florida since 2005.  Owner Kyle Grant has been persistently helping disconcerted gamers everywhere by offering quality electronic console repairs.  From the more common, simple console shortcomings to the arcane, inexplicable defects, Console Doctors truly fits the niche.

Fixing broken and awry consoles had previously been an intimidating and discouraging ordeal.  Warranties are a limited adherent - they run out, and are only partially beneficial.  Also, the time that it takes to ship a system out and wait for its return can take weeks.

Console Doctors offers excellent repair service that takes 1-3 days.  Another offer is console swapping;  for as low as $60, a defective or broken console can be traded for a brand new one! 

Console Doctors is located at 6653 Power Ave, Suite 13.  Jacksonville, Fl 32217  near University and Phillips.  Call the Jacksonville location at  (904) 302-4962.  Owner Kyle Grant can always be found there and is anxious to assist new customers. 
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When your console breaks down, you don't have to!


  1. Shit. I'm close to there and I need to fix my PS3. It's outside of warranty.

    Haha, thanks for the useful information.

  2. I miss places like this. The 360 overloaded all of them I guess

  3. It's about time a business like this sprouted up. I wonder how long it will take before the gaming super powers try to shut them down...

  4. that gif is from predator 2 ^^

  5. Yeahhh... Actually, the .gif is from Predator 1, not 2...

  6. I wish I lived closer to J-ville. My xbox seems to be dying out on me. It's release console and it's lasted this long so I'm happy

  7. LOLLL that gif. the dog laughing hahahahah