Thursday, May 5, 2011

OMGPOP! is a popular, Flash-based social gaming site. 

Individuals can connect to OMGPOP through most social networking sites, like AIM and Facebook.  Best of all, it is FREE to sign up and play!  Friends and players from all around the world can connect and challenge each other at a number of games.

The atmosphere at OMGPOP has a propensity for nonchilante, easy-going gaming.  It is a very clean and respectful gaming venue that doesn't house the typical, over-competitive e-thugs you would normally find online. 

There are over 20 games at OMGPOP, with updates and additions being perpetuated every day.  The website has won Time Magazine's '50 Best Websites of 2009' and their games have been played over 100 million times!  Some of the featured games  are more like reproduction of classic board and console games.  They're very cartoony, and the games move fairly quickly. 
Some of their more popular games include:  Fleet Fighter (Battleship), Draw My Thing (Pictionary), Balloono (Bomberman), Booya! (Uno), and Fourplay (Connect 4).  Hover Kart Racing, for last generation's gamers, is a nearly identical spin-off of Mario Kart for the SNES.

Hover Kart Racing is identical to Mario Kart for the SNES.  Players can customize their gear and power-up.
Balloono, which plays like Bomberman.  Players can spend their points on cool gear and special items to give them an edge!

Booya! is basically Uno.  Up to 4 players.  Fast paced and fun!

There are role playing elements to OMGPOP, also.  Users can earn points by playing games and recruiting friends.  Players can customize their profile, socialize, and purchase souvenirs and additional content from the OMGPOP Shop.  Here, they can buy points and accessories to braggart their individuality.

Playing with friends at is definitely a way to kill time, whether it's 5 minutes or 5 hours.  Sign up at and try it out!

 In my opinion, 'Draw My Thing' is by far the best game on the site.  Players are given a word, and are given 60 seconds to express that word using different colored markers on a blank page.

The other players have to guess the word, using the cues from the drawer.  Play it!  It's super addicting!


  1. Draw my Thing is super fun. I've played that a few times. That and Letterblox are my favorite ones. Glad I'm not the only one who likes this site.

  2. I never really got everyones fascination with flash games. Probably why I don't find Farmville fun. Some games can be entertaining sure, but it's fleeting entertainment.

  3. Wonderful! this is just what i needed to keep me addicted to my basement. Thanks!

  4. Cool gonna bookmark the site for when im bored ahaha.

  5. This site took forever to load. I need to get a new computer. I like this blog ^_^

  6. I definitely used to play on omgpop! Thanks for reminding me about it :)

  7. I liked flash games back when they were simpler. Now with flash games with save states and achievements, it's too much. They should just become real games.

  8. I used to play OMGPOP games each day with some friends tho nowadays I just pop on for a couple of mins every couple of days

  9. Those games are looking pretty neat! Deffinetly going to check them out this weekend.